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I’m mad and can’t take it anymore!

Doctors in our area giving their patients mistruths and lies regarding chiropractic care.  Come on people, please use your common sense.  Chiropractic is not only safe, but very effective.  Asking most medical doctors if you should see a chiropractor is like asking a Ford dealer if you should buy a Chevy!  If you come to a chiropractor and he helps you lower your blood pressure, relieve headaches, back pain, leg pain, or completely eliminates your childs ear infections (to name a few problems that are frequently helped by chiropractic), then you will not need to see that medical doctor as often.  I have heard many honest patients (with common sense) who have been told by their medical doctor not to see a chiropractor.  Or even worse, you can go but don’t let him touch your neck! Gee, why not, because that is where the problem is?  They come to see me anyway, and get results that were not helped with pills!  I challenge you to ask your medical doctor how much he pays for malpractice insurance.  I pay less than $1,600 a year! Why, (here comes the common sense part), BECAUSE IT’S SAFE! 

I’m not suggesting that you never see a medical doctor, but please use your common sense.  Remember the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result!  If you keep going to your medical doctor, and he keeps trying different pills for the same problem, do you think it’s time to try a different approach? 



OK, here goes.  I’m going to try to explain this as simply as possible.  The body is designed by God to be a self healing, self regulating organism.  The master controller for this wonderful body is the nervous system, which is made up of the brain and spinal cord, and all the nerves which branch out from there.  These nerves connected the brain to every cell, organ, and tissue in your body.  The brain is protected by your skull.  The spinal cord is protected by your spine.  Due to stress (physical, chemical, or emotional) your spine can become misaligned, causing nerves to be pinched (which often times can be painless for years, allowing arthritis and degeneration to set in).  These misalignments compromise your nervous systems ability to heal and regulate the vital functions of the body.  Chiropractors locate and correct these misalignments (called subluxations) allowing the body to improve health and function.  Very simple, and very safe.

So let’s say that you fell down when you were young, and hurt your neck.  You probably put some ice on it, and took some Tylenol, and soon the pain went away and you forgot about it. Now years later the vertabra that you injured are stuck together, choking off life to your discs and nerves and you start to develop degeneration, aka “arthritis”.  You go to your medical doctor and are told “you have arthritis, you have to live with it, there is nothing you can do but take pain pills.  When it gets bad enough we can give you an injection, or do surgery.”  You believe this, it gets worse, then insanity sets in!  (Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result) Or, you have your spine checked by a chiropractor, he eliminates the misalignment, and your body heals.  Simple, safe, and effective.  I have been doing this for 24 years and continue to get amazing results.  Don’t you owe it to yourself to try something different, to get a different result?

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Swine Flu 101

As the media has began the hype and fear regarding the swine flu outbreak, I felt it was VITAL that everyone remembered THE FACTS to stay well and have no fear of any germ on planet earth, SWINE FLU INCLUDED.
1) Diseases are ‘cyclical’ – they come, they go. This is to be expected. There will NEVER be a time where we don’t have ‘outbreaks’ – NO MATTER HOW MANY VACCINES WE CREATE!!!
2) Some infected people die from the disease, some live. Why? – With this in mind, it’s obviously NOT the disease that determines whether we LIVE OR DIE if the great majority of those infected LIVE. That means it is the RESISTANCE (STRENGTH) OF THE HOST (INFECTED PERSON) which determines whether you live or die. It’s not LUCK or how many times you wash your hands, avoid touching people, wear a mask, etc.
3) Why out of all the DEATHS due to the swine flu, are they happening mainly to the people of Mexico and NOT Americans? I would ask you to observe sanitation practices of these two cultures. Running water, plumbing and proper sewage are MAJOR factors in keeping a STRONG and HEALTHY society.
4) The 1918 flu (Spanish Flu) had a 3% death rate in infected people. And back in 1918 chiropractors were having hundreds of times better results than medicine at surviving! Why? BECAUSE CHIROPRACTIC STRENGTHENS THE HOST – THAT’S YOU AND YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM! **

**Studies have proven that chiropractic strengthens your immune system 200% over those not receiving chiropractic care.

In summary, for those of you who have been getting adjusted and strengthening your body in this office, CONGRATULATIONS, you have NOTHING to worry about (provided that you keep it up of course.) If you were to be infected, you not only will survive, you will THRIVE through this virus and be STRONGER for it.
For those of you who have been missing appointments, ‘too busy’ to make it in, etc. NOW IS THE TIME TO GET BACK ON TRACK.
And for those you love, who HAVE NOT had their spine and nerve system checked in our office, NOW IS THE TIME. If they DO NOT strengthen themselves, they are TRULY AT RISK. Not matter how many masks they wear, handshakes they avoid or how many times they wash their hands. Because of this ‘crisis’ we are offering FREE spine and nerve system check-ups (including consultation, nerve scan, and any necessary x-rays) for those you love through the remainder of this week and on Monday of next week.


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Dangers of ADHD drugs!

Many patients have asked me about checking their children who have been labled with ADD/ADHD. Upper Cervical spinal misalignment causes nerve pressure to the brain stem which results in autonomic dysfunction, which can cause a series of issues related to focus and concentration. This translates into poor performance at school, and the diagnosis of ADD/ADHD. I urge to you watch this video, and refer anyone you know to have their spine checked. The exam includes a neurodiagnostic test which will show autonomic dysfuncition. This type of problem responds very well to chiropractic care!
Thank you,
Dr. Bill

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Asthma Testimonial

Asthma and Allergy Relief!

At age 4 Hunter suffered from Asthma and Allergies constantly for two years. He was not able to play outside due to his condition. He was constantly tired, weak, coughing, wheezing, and had shortness of breath. He was on multiple medications on a daily basis. A thermographic scan showed nerve irritation and imbalance at the areas corresponding to lung function. After 4 weeks of specific, scientific chiropractic adjustments a re-scan showed a big improvement in nerve function. He was weaned from all medication after 8 weeks of treatment. His benefits of chiropractic adjustments included increased level of activity, no more coughing or wheezing, and he is able to play outside while continuing to breathe normal.

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Hello world!

Hey!  Welcome to Dr. Bill’s Blog.  I’m so excited to get started and let you know what is going on in the healing world of Bazin Chiropractic Office.  We have so many exciting things to share with you including news about our office, and many exciting healing testimonials.  Also, as many of you know, I am the chiropractor for the Springfield Falcons, and the East Longmeadow Spartan hockey teams.  The high school team is headed for the post season after an undefeated season.  Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the AHL Falcons, however the guys are progressing toward their goal of making it to the NHL.  I hope they don’t forget their favorite chiropractor!